Back to Basics

Heather Heather Grace

We are adopting a puppy next Tuesday. Could you please advise whether or not your food is appropriate for puppies? We feed our 8 year old Back to Basics and have for a few years, but when she was a puppy we just fed her Purina or some crap like that. We want to start this puppy out a good healthful puppy food but are lost as to how to choose a good grain-free puppy food. Or even a quality food that is not grain ...

  • April 19

Denise Marie Tucker

These are my babies big one is Bear a shar pei shnauzer mix the small one is Wee Man a terrier chihuahua mix the loves of mine and my husband

  • April 19

Back To Basics

We love being discovered by new fans like Allison Y! "We found Back to Basics at a local pet specialty store. After checking out the ingredients we were very enthusiastic to try it. Wow. What results. Our dogs are thriving on it. I highly recommend Back to Basics to all our friends!"

  • April 19

Linda Harris

Love the basset

  • April 19

Qourtnie Ohms

cant enter your contest for free food for a year :(

  • April 19
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